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FieldStream Bio Blitz: Field/Stream Bio Blitz

Its a frenzy… flies, beetles, spiders, aphids, Oh MY!

Its a frenzy… flies, beetles, spiders, aphids, Oh MY!

I took my weekly walk through the CeleryBog on Wednesday (2015.07.22) and gathered some cool photos while there. Taking photos for the sake of getting a nice photo is one thing, but for me an equally interesting and important part of the adventure is the documentation of the natural world: What’s There. What’s Happening? Why? […]

Hawkmoth (Hemaris thysbe)

Yes the Hemaris thysbe, commonly known as the hummingbird clearwing, is a moth of the Sphingidae (hawkmoth) family. They are still (in some places) quite common. They were that way 35 years ago – amid the many wildflowers of midwest heartland – Indiana, where I grew up. But due to massive use of chemical spraying, […]

PhotoTip #15: Enhance for Info

There are a couple of very easy steps any digital photographer can take to enhance those prickly identification characteristics on many insects; especially in the larval and/or instar stages. [1] Contrast and Brighten – ad a bit more ‘illumination’ and bit more ‘pop’ to the image to bring out the sometimes ‘hidden’ elements. Generally only […]

It’s A Bio Blitz

O’fieldstream has joined with the BioBlitz Google Group to conduct a week long assay of life forms encountered in our local areas, in response to National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) annual Wildlife Week (April 21 – 29). During which they encourage people to participate in the Wildlife Watch. I was conducting my usual ‘cruise’ about the […]

Outdoor Heritage Journal: O'fieldstream's Heritage Journal

Holding fish, does it matter how?

Yesterday on my O’fieldstream Facebook account, I received a Share from FBfriend Matt Nelson. He was sharing a post made on a New Zealand site alerting readers to the potentially fatal dangers, from improper holding, when attempting to grab-a-photo of a trout. The article, Trout Dying to Get a Good Photo, was published in the […]

The Art of the Outdoors

… to be continued. — O’fieldstream

It’s about the FLY

The world of fly-fishing is a complex, guarded – yet free-wheeling world of traditional feeding lanes that regularly conflict with edgy currents.¬† Today’s world of fly-fishing is that world: more so now, than ever before. Yet, no matter how fluid the world of fly-fishing becomes, it’s still – about The Fly. A friend posted an […]

WE … it’s about U+I

How important – TO YOU – is your ability to enjoy Outdoor Activities? A LOT you say? Then you have the opportunity to PROVE IT. Read this report as of August 23, 2011 – Fly-fishing industry threatened by Congress . Now… you MUST DECIDE: What are YOU going to DO about it? No, this is […]

Maryland Officials Seeking Northern Goshawk Killer : The Outdoor Wire

Grantsville, Md. – The remains of a female Northern Goshawk were found on June 17, 2011 by a DNR Biologist in the Savage River State Forest, near Grantsville, MD. Evidence corroborates that the female was shot and killed, leaving three orphaned chicks in the nest to die. This was the only known nesting goshawk, a […]